Moderators: Nuno Dias, Sara Zetterval

  • 08:00 Edited live case: a safe and effective strategy to facilitate endograft delivery in hostile calcified access. Michel Antonello See presentation
  • 08:15 Preemptive AAA Sac embolization – do we need it and does the embolic agent matter? Marc Schermerhorn See presentation
  • 08:25 Do Type 2 Endoleaks lead to sealing zone degeneration – and should we therefore treat them? Barend Mees See presentation
  • 08:35 Strategies to reduce SCI in cAAA repair: do we need them all always? Katarina Björses See presentation
  • 08:45 Can we use of AI to predict spinal cord ischemia? Kak Khee Yeung See presentation
  • 08:55 The imaging data from UK COMPASS trial guides us on how to improve FEVAR outcomes. Rao Vallabhaneni See presentation
  • 09:05 Rescue options for failed target vessel catheterization. Eric Verhoeven See presentation
  • 09:15 Percutaneous access and bailout to the femoral and supra-aortic trunks including the carotids. Björn Sonesson See presentation

Moderators: Mark Farber, Carla Van Rijswijk

  • 10:30 Edited live case: overcoming clinical challenges through technological advancements with the new fenestrated device. Eric Ducasse See presentation
  • 10:45 Do we need Dual antiplatelet after F/BEVAR? Petroula Nana See presentation
  • 10:55 In situ laser or needle-mediated fenestrations. What and when to choose? Kevin Mani See presentation
  • 11:05 When is a PMEG preferable to an off-the-shelf solution and how can we improve the durability? Vladimir Makaloski See presentation
  • 11:15 What can we learn from imaging target vessels after complex EVAR? Jean-Paul De Vries See presentation
  • 11:25 Techniques to manage the false lumen in acute, subacute and chronic dissections. Germano Melissano See presentation
  • 11:35 Does STABILZE and Petticoat techniques increase the risk of SCI? Luis Mendes Pedro See presentation
  • 11:45 If done properly, landing zone creation with septotomy make FL management obsolete: when and how. Carlos Timaran See presentation
  • 11:55 Endograft wrapping with aortic wall in chronic dissections: when is it worth the effort. Dominique Fabre See presentation

Moderators: Stephan Haulon, Tara Mastracci

  • 12:45 Edited live case: first european experience with novel 3-branched device for the treatment of the aortic arch. Alexander Zimmermann See presentation
  • 13:00 What are the differences between the different TAVIs and which fits best for an EndoBentall? Gintautas Beliauskas See presentation
  • 13:10 Endo Bentall for Ascending / Arch Repair. Stephan Haulon See presentation
  • 13:20 Update on a dedicated platform for ascending and arch. Aleem Mirza See presentation
  • 13:30 Technical considerations for the different commercially available arch devices. Theodosios Bisdas See presentation
  • 13:40 Outcomes on the use of the different arch devices. Enrique San Norberto See presentation
  • 13:50 Are acute dissections a contraindication for endo arch repair? Tilo Kölbel See presentation
  • 14:00 Distal arch aneurysms: CHIMPS are gone – go for dedicated single branch devices! Alexander Zimmermann See presentation
  • 14:10 Should we use different arch devices for dissections and aneurysms? Stefano Gennai See presentation