It is time for us to meet to discuss what is new, what to do and how to do it in the field of aortic stentgrafting. We will entirely focus on aortic endografting and gather a world-renowned faculty of speakers to give us their latest insights in the field.

In keeping with the tradition, the meeting has moved again and we are again proud to see it showcased in Nürnberg, Germany. The atmosphere will as always be open and friendly and we look forward to intense discussions and debates.

We welcome you all and look forward to your discussions and challenging questions so we can push the field forward, together!

Critical Issues in Aortic Endografting has, for almost a quarter century, delivered an annual benchmark of the latest technology and controversies for aortic interventionalists around the world. This year’s programme is no different. At a time of unprecedented change and global uncertainty, Critical Issues will bring together the experts in the field to debate, discuss and display the latest and greatest trends.

We look forward to seeing you in Nürnberg! – please participate and share your experience with the world!


Eric Verhoeven, Nürnberg, Germany
Martin Bruck, Nürnberg, Germany
Athanasios Katsargyris, Nürnberg, Germany
Pablo Marques, Nürnberg, Germany
Bernd Moehner, Nürnberg, Germany


Stéphan Haulon, Timothy Resch, Eric Verhoeven

Criticial Issues 2023 is provisionally compliant with the Eucomed Code of Ethical Business Practice